30 Canterbury Pl, North York


Completed in 2007




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DIA’s unique condominium tower provides the community with a strong modern aspect. Its streamlined look and the visual edge created by the surrounding lofts, makes it the structural core of the community.

Arya Corp acted as a Joint Venture partner and a member of the Board of Directors & Board of Management for this development project.

With a spa concept in mind, TAS DesignBuild designed Dia to feature condominiums, lofts, and townhomes around a courtyard. Playing close attention to the area’s urban morphology, TAS DesignBuild aimed to revitalize the generic offering of multi-unit homes that were available in North York.

TAS DesignBuild developed DIA so that all of the project’s parts were consistent throughout. Based on a spa concept, the name, the design and the project offerings were developed to be inline with the project vision.

The building design pays very close attention to the neighbourhood’s urban morphology and responds to its site and situation; allowing for three different unit types (condo units, skip-stop units and townhomes) to be seamlessly offered in one project.

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